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    I’m still hyped that I got to be a part of the #hyperbole2018! Our youth are beautiful. #donotbesilent #splitthisrock ❤️ Today I ran a workshop for the #HyperBole2018. I made myself vulnerable. We opened with “Fear in a Box” where everyone, high school and college students, anonymously wrote their fears and hopes on a piece of paper. Then they crumbled the paper or made a paper airplane to fly into the box. We went around the room and opened up the fears and hopes. One girl noticed that the hopes were internal expectations and the fears related to something or someone external to us. 🤔
I shared my fear: deportation. My workshop was on immigration and immigrant poets. I am not afraid to be the immigrant in the room. I am that girl, but it don’t come easy. I ran the workshop twice, but the first time was the harder one. I have shared my story before, and yet, I never know how my heart will cope on any given day. 💔Today I had to breathe in before saying the words “my fear is deportation” because it is a very valid fear no matter what people say: I’m praying, down with Trump, it’ll be alright. I don’t know if I will stay in my America. I hope that like the fears the youth shared such as letting people down, being alone, spiders, and jellyfish, my fear can be overcome. #callcongress #saveTPS Morning hour. 😴 At a new temporary office! The life of an immigrant poet.
#workweek #before8am
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1,000 miles: step 78

Alright. Reader, I’ll let you know what I did last summer, this past summer in fact. It’s called summer camp.

I don’t believe I’ve ever had a summer like this one. It was fun and jarring every day. I have some experience with kids at the middle school classroom level, so I know that any day with kids is a recipe for an unordinary day. At camp, the odds of a hectic day are increased. Never have I ever seen so many boo-boos and running feet or heard so many laughing and shouting mouths. Imagine doing this full-time for three months. Now, see, summer camp is for the strong at heart!

The Summer Camp Experience: whoo. ah ahhhh.

I turned 22 years old at camp, too. I can’t wrap my head around that.

I picked up some new skills, and that is always a plus in my book. I can now finger-knit and sew on a machine. I can also program a moose to move–he has to be on an iPad though. I can assemble a robot and cardboard furniture. I can help resolve an argument between friends. I can dance! (Ok ok, so that last one’s quite not true, but I can dance with slightly more rhythm.)


1,000 miles: step 76

Lately, I’ve had to slow down.

The spring semester is over.  I knew a couple of the graduating seniors–thanks to (a short-lived) student writing adventure, so this was the first semester that I paid attention to graduations. Next year is also my graduating year. I started college fall 2011. Twists and turns have pushed me to George Mason, and I finally feel like it’s where I belong.

These days, I’m a lot more content, particularly when I ignore politics. I’ve had the chance to dig into reading, a hungry kind of reading that keeps me still for hours. Last week, I took a CPR and First Aid training course because why not. Summertime means possibilities.

Stay tuned–

1,000 miles: step 40

Like all summers (and winter breaks), now that school is right around the corner, it feels like my days are flying past at 65 miles per hour–and that’s too fast for me. I know because that’s the speed that drives me insane whenever Mom puts me on the freeway.

This summer, I started working a few hours with my campus bookstore. It’s been a completely new experience for me, and I’ve learned that the retail business is not my calling. When it comes to people giving up money, it’s not cotton candy and sunshine. Though, I have had the pleasure of having quick, but engaging conversations with customers and coworkers. It’s the little things that keep me going… after all, Claudia needs money for some expensive textbooks herself.

The most memorable part of these past months has been trying out something I’ve lost practice in: keeping in touch with friends. And it’s quite fun, especially when it involves a trip to the zoo.

2013-08-03 14.10.47

these sea lions fascinated me so much, and my accompanying friend was fascinated by my fascination

these sea lions fascinated me… my accompanying friend was fascinated by my fascination

2013-08-03 14.41.54

Tulip, the cutest cow around town

And family time is not far behind. I’ve had several sibling moments now that my brother visits more often. I suppose, he enjoys an entire apartment to himself.

The kid thinks I’m “too much crazy,” which is fine. Mild insanity (in the form of emotions) seems to run in the family. At least, on my father’s side.

Here’s one of the pictures I took at our trip to Ocean City:

My toddler-cousin brought these to my attention, right as we left the beach

My toddler-cousin brought these to my attention, right as we left the beach

Cheers for a summer had, summer going, fall coming. 🙂