1,000 miles: step 76

Lately, I’ve had to slow down.

The spring semester is over.  I knew a couple of the graduating seniors–thanks to (a short-lived) student writing adventure, so this was the first semester that I paid attention to graduations. Next year is also my graduating year. I started college fall 2011. Twists and turns have pushed me to George Mason, and I finally feel like it’s where I belong.

These days, I’m a lot more content, particularly when I ignore politics. I’ve had the chance to dig into reading, a hungry kind of reading that keeps me still for hours. Last week, I took a CPR and First Aid training course because why not. Summertime means possibilities.

Stay tuned–


1,000 miles: step 38

Claudia, Age 6,

Daddy’s little girl come home for the first time

American soil underneath feet accustomed to the earth of El Salvador

No need for glasses yet and the world still seen as fair

In the recesses of my mind,

Have you found a place to call home?

2013-06-29 15.53.42