1,000 miles: step 80

2017 is here, 2017 is here. I have welcomed it with reading, pleasure reading. It’s amazing how much poetry and fiction I can take when I’m not writing weekly papers or poems. I will not think about politics right now, will not mourn over the possible setbacks of a Trump term for the immigrant student, for the woman, for the lover.

2017 is a reading year. This spring semester, I’m reading twelve poetry books for one class alone. I plan on reading more Spanish poetry, now that I have an adequate appreciation of the Spanish poetry tradition.

I also want 2017 to be the year I place my foot in the publishing world’s door. In 2016, I started submitting my work to online literary magazines and journals. There were rejections–actually, the rejections are still coming in. There were minor successes, enough to keep going. The literary world must know my name, my story.

With the goal of sharing stories with a greater audience, I can now be found on Instagram, @claudiapoet. While the poetry on Instagram is not always refined, it’s giving poetry a home in this social age. Another place to share with the world the preoccupations of my poet heart.

Onward, 2017.

Panoramic view of Georgetown

Panoramic view of Georgetown


1,000 miles: step 51

Things I’ve done so far in this brand new year:

  • visited the national zoo, 2014-01-02 14.06.452014-01-02 13.09.49   2014-01-02 12.04.37
  • started volunteering again at my local library,
  • read Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House,
  • used a fax machine, a digital one,
  • saw a squirrel fly jump 1-2 feet high in the air,
  • saw a baby fox stray cat,
  • worked on a few job applications and surveys,
  • sent out e-mail (several of those) and mail requests,

and I have yet to submit a college application. That’s happening though. No matter how many people I have to contact for one little form. It’s about reaching the right people sometimes.


Here’s me looking at some fuzzy animal. I’m the one wearing a skirt in the winter.

Credit to my zoo buddy for taking this behind my back…  much like a certain roommate I used to have (and adore, of course).