About me

Claudia Rojas is poeta and educator with a BA in English from George Mason University.


She has never had a dog or a house of her own, but knows these are in her future. She writes on being immigrant, brown, and woman.

She is also a panda enthusiast. Though born in El Salvador, she has a firmer grip on America as she has lived in the Washington, DC area since 2001–do the math, that’s nearly an entire life.

She speaks English and Spanish, and her poetry is at times bilingual in nature. She discovered a soft spot for fixed forms late 2015.

For an introduction post, check out this first post.

Critical timeline:


Claudia immigrates into the U.S. following El Salvador’s 7.6 magnitude earthquake. At age 6, she is a Temporary Protection Status holder.


During Claudia’s freshman and sophomore year of high school, she is an active student: she joins the Poetry Club, Gay-Straight Alliance, after-school chorus, and lunch-time Book Club. She makes appearances at Robotics and Anime Club. Additionally, she spends time after-school at the art & ceramics studio.


Claudia applies to early college in the spring for the academic challenge. She joins the Latino Student Alliance and the Owl’s Nest Coalition, a group dedicated to supporting all identity groups.


Turns out, Claudia’s small college has never dealt with a student holding her immigration status, and perhaps, not many first-generation students. Claudia, immigrant and first generation student, can’t afford to continue school.

She takes the GED over the summer, then enrolls full-time in community college.


Claudia appeals out-of-state classification and transfers to George Mason University as a part-time student. She offers her storytelling and poetry talent to Mason DREAMERS, an advocacy group for immigrants.


Claudia completes her Bachelor’s in English with a concentration in creative writing and graduates a proud George Mason University alumna.

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